Frequent Questions

How do we book you?

After we develop a package for your day, I’ll prepare an agreement for you to review. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll both sign the agreement to confirm your date. ¬Ĺ of your package price is due upon signing as a nonrefundable retainer. The remaining amount is due one week before your wedding date (for USA weddings), or one month before your wedding date (for international weddings). Checks work great, as do any major credit card. (The only thing I don’t accept are library cards.) Everything is done online to maximize your convenience.


Can you hold my date?

Sadly, no. ūüôĀ  Wedding booking is fast-paced — at any time, there are 4 to 6 couples interested in the same date as you. Because of that, I unfortunately cannot hold dates without a retainer and signed agreement. If you’re confident about hiring me but need time to decide on a package, you may book my smallest package and then finalize your plans within 30 days. That will lock me down for your date and give you the flexibility to make decisions without pressure.


Why should we book you?

Because you totally deserve it! There are plenty of people who can snap some pretty photos for you on your wedding date. But there’s nobody better at¬†wrapping their arms around you and take care of you during this crazy, stressful, exciting,¬†chaotic, amazing¬†time in your lives.


When should we book you?

Most couples book 9-12 months out from their wedding dates. That said, every year I have a few people who hire me a few weeks before their weddings. Don’t hesitate to check your date — if I’m unavailable, I’ll provide you with some great alternatives.


Will we receive the digital files?

Yes, every single package includes your digital files.


Do you edit every photo, or just the photos that end up in your portfolio or in our wedding album?

This seems like a weird question, but I receive¬†it all the time. Yes, ALL of your photos are edited by hand and optimized and ready for printing. They’re the same files I use for my own portfolio and competitions. You‚Äôll receive these full resolution digital files on a thumbdrive, accompanied by a signed release granting permission to make your own prints.


Will we receive the rights to make prints?

Yes, you may use the images however you’d like for personal use. For instance, you may make prints, books, canvas wraps, christmas cards, coffee mugs, life-sized cardboard cutouts to serve as scarecrows in your garden, etc — all to your heart’s content and through any vendor you’d like. The few limitations I have are spelled out in the agreement you’ll review before you book and include things that likely will never be an issue for you¬†— like using my photos from your wedding to start your own photography business (which has happened before :\).


How much do you charge?

Every wedding has unique needs, so please request my full pricing brochure. I know that’s an unsatisfying answer, but I promise I’ll make it¬†super painless and that it’ll translate into a better overall experience. I’ll even include advice and referrals if I’m unavailable.


Do you travel?

Yep, almost exclusively! Most of my weddings are out of town or destination events for me, so I’m more experienced than most when it comes to the unique needs of a destination or non-local wedding. I hold preferred status with my airlines and hotels of choice, my passport is tattered but current, and I handle travel logistics better than the best travel agent you’ll ever meet. (I spent a month in Japan with just a carry-on.) I have experience above the Arctic Circle and below the waters of the Caribbean. My most frequent international destinations include St. Lucia, the Bahamas, and Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres, Mexico. In the States, I’m frequently in VA, MI, DC, NY, Vegas, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


We don’t live near you. How can we hire you if we never meet?

I love getting to know all my couples, but face-to-face meetings are often¬†not possible. Since most of my weddings are out of town events, I have a wealth of experience working with couples I’ve never met in-person before their wedding days. Whether Skype, Facetime, or novel-length emails, I’ve spent over a decade communicating on a personal level from afar, and I’m confident you’ll receive the same, if not better, experience than if we spent every Tuesday noshing cupcakes and talking about the bizarre dress your¬†Mother-in-Law has selected to wear to your wedding.


Can you photograph our rehearsal too? Honeymoon? Other moments?

Yes, of course. I love being part of the entire wedding experience. The more time I spend immersed in your celebration, the more unique and special the images become.


Will you be the actual person photographing my wedding?

Yes, I will be the photographer for your wedding. (And maybe the unofficial cake-taster.) Likewise, you’ll deal directly with me throughout the entire process, from before to after your wedding.